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TSL Adventures

Summer Camp

Rotterdam, NY

Call Now: (518) 368-2653

TSL Adventures is the number one choice by parents for professional and affordable childcare in Rotterdam. Our programs were designed by elementary school teachers to offer children education activities, projects, and games outside of normal classroom hours that are fun and exciting.

We offer services in early childhood care, before and afterschool care, summer camp, vacation camp, and single day care for children anywhere in between the ages of 0 and 15. Whether your child is an infant or well into their teens, you can rest assured that our specialized programs are packed with fun adventure to satisfy every child’s interests.

At TSL Adventures, we take pride in the services we provide. We believe in always ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of every child and parent that comes through our doors. You can rest assured that your children are being cared for by the best at TSL Adventures. Give us a call today to discuss more about our programs.

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